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The name game

Posted by thearrow on January 4, 2008

I wanted to name this blog NoBoundaries. At this point, I’m trying to get beyond many invisible boundaries and the first thing that came to mind when thinking about starting a blog was my desire to surpass them. This experience is probably going to be important on these pages, but I do hope to find other things to say, too. I am grateful that my boundaries are just financial and bureaucratic and otherwise I’m in good health and overall in an ok situation, but they seem incredibly hard to knock over. But NoBoundaries was taken, and so were Boundless and other similar words. Sigh.

Brain whirs again and I remember that I have recently decided to try to think more positively. Yeah, I actually have to remind myself of that once in a while :). Every day was doomsday for me for most of my life and, honestly, I got really tired of it. Which made me notice that “no” and “boundaries” are both two very negative words. I do believe our thoughts are more powerful than we tend to give them credit for and I do believe that if we want something really bad and work hard to get it, it will eventually happen. It happened to me more than once with life-changing things that seemed completely impossible. Of all people, I should believe this kind of stuff :). By this logic, even though two negative words might seem to cancel themselves out and become a positive, I decided they weren’t going to work anyway.

So I tried to imagine getting over these boundaries, soaring over them and leaving them far behind. Never having to worry about them anymore. I tried to imagine freedom. That’s how I came to pick “The Arrow.” There are two ways to picture one: flying and on target. Works for me. As a bonus, it’s a good representation of myself, a true Sagittarius and proud of it :).


6 Responses to “The name game”

  1. Teodora said

    Your Sagittarius sign was the first thing that came to mind when I accessed your blog. Love your explanation of the name.

  2. thearrow said

    Funny how I didn’t think of it first, since I’m quite obsessed with my sign; I’m sure it was in my subconscious, though. Oblia was just about to say that I stole the idea from the explanation of her blog’s name. Maybe that was in my subconscious, too. LOL.

  3. wrekehavoc said

    thanks for linking to me πŸ™‚ not sure how you found me, but glad you did!

  4. thearrow said

    Here’s a hint: how many Romanians do you know? Yep, I’m that one πŸ™‚

  5. wrekehavoc said

    well, in that case, COOL! i’ll put you on my blog as a friend, cos you are!!!

  6. thearrow said

    Thanks; blush. And welcome πŸ™‚ !

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